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The World Coal Association (WCA) represents members who are industry leaders and committed to playing an active, constructive role in meeting the global challenge of climate change.

We are a global association with members across the coal value chain, committed to the clean transition. Our work encompasses government advocacy, policy, media and industry representation.

The WCA supports a transition towards clean coal; calling for level playing field policy and greater collaboration between industry, government and investors to advance both global economic and climate aspirations. We are committed to building a sustainable future for global coal and playing an active role in achieving our worldwide economic and environmental aspirations.

Our activities are focussed on those markets that continue to produce and/or use coal, as we actively support their right to choose coal. We work with industry stakeholders across the globe and use our voice to educate and raise awareness of coal and clean coal technologies.

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Keynote speech - Joburg Indaba Coal Industry Day 2021

Chris Demetriou

Digital Campaign Co-Ordinator