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theHealthSource (tHS) offers locally hosted cloud Tools/Systems for Safety, Community, Health, Risk, Environment and Quality (SCHREQ). The core product is a Real-time Transactional Single Worker/Patient Record System (SPRS), with SCHREQ elements increasingly augmenting value. In the work environment the SPRS is ideal for integrated Occupational Health (Occupational Medicine and Hygiene) and Primary Health Care (including HIV, Tuberculosis, Wellness and Fatigue management – and now also COVID-19 Management). tHS also provides the Minerals Council of South Africa (MCSA) with its Reporting System and hence tHS can offer seamless integration with the MCSA Reporting System.

We believe that it is possible for all workers to have Single Health/Occupational Health (“Patient”) Records within/between organisations, industries, regions, across all sectors of health care, which would improve efficiency and effectiveness of health care services delivery and improve health outcomes for individuals and populations. We believe that the Single Health/Occupational Health Record is core to Safety, Community, Health, Risk, Environment and Quality Systems (SCHREQ) in Business and in Society. Such a system is indeed the basis of an industry Certificate of Fitness and a future COVID-19 “passport”.

Our Vision is to play a key role in the delivery of SCHREQ Systems, with Single Health Record Systems as the main core, so that each worker/person shall have one secure and confidential longitudinal health/occupational health record, towards which all health care providers across all sectors will continually contribute health care transactions, with the aim of improving the health status and outcomes of that worker/person in cost effective and evidence-based way. tHS has almost 15 years of experience in this field.

Our focus for COALSAFE 2021 is to become the provider of choice of a Coal Industry Single Worker/Patient Record System. We are of the opinion that value and savings will far exceed the cost of such a system. We would also like to inform COALSAFE 2021 participants of our new Environmental Management System and Occupational Hygiene Sampling Strategy System – (incl. DMR reporting).

Dr Jan Pienaar




Dr Jan Pienaar