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Glencore is one of the world’s largest globally diversified natural resource companies. Our presence in South Africa dates to 1974, when our marketing activities began. Mining started 14 years later, in 1988, and today we are among the largest producers of coal and ferroalloys in the country. We produce and market more than 60 commodities through about 150 assets and offices in over 35 countries, and are active at every stage of the commodity supply chain. Our workforce operates in more than 35 countries around the world, including South Africa, and is diversified, dedicated and driven at every level.

We are one of South Africa’s leading producers of thermal or steam coal. In South Africa, our coal complexes produce thermal coal for export and domestic power generation. Our four coal operations are located in the coal-rich province of Mpumalanga, while our ferroalloys mines and smelters can be found across the northern part of South Africa, in the North West Province and Limpopo.

We are a major contributor not only to South Africa’s local, provincial and national economies, but also to the development of the communities where we operate. We collaborate closely with our communities, prioritising their health, safety and well-being and working to create strong and resilient societies that will thrive long after our operations close. 

We are consistently looking to grow our team by employing people who show these attributes, and who are passionate and ambitious about being leaders in their fields. We always try to employ locally first, and are committed to using our socioeconomic position in South Africa to improve the lives of our community members. We do this by providing employment and training and development opportunities to individuals and businesses alike.

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