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The Coaltech Research Association NPC (non-profit company) is a voluntary collaborative organisation that addresses the research needs of the Coal Industry of South Africa. Its main purpose is the development of technology and application of research findings which will enable the South African Coal Industry to remain competitive, sustainable and safe.

The Coaltech 2020 Collaborative Research Programme was established during 1998 by representatives from the Chamber of Mines, a number of coal producers, the CSIR, Eskom and academia.

During the late 1980s there was concern that coal resources might be exhausted by 2020. This fear was justified in 1987 by Bredell’s study of coal resources. Consequently the Initial mission of Coaltech was to extend the life of coal mining in the Mpumalanga Highveld coalfields beyond 2020, while sustaining job opportunities and utilising the available infrastructure.

As it turned out, detailed examination of the available resources, as well combining resources, revealed that they would last well beyond 2020. Subsequently the mission of Coaltech was broadened from ensuring sustainability beyond 2020 to include all research needs of the industry in order to remain competitive, sustainable and safe.

An important part of Coaltech’s mission is to expose students to the coal industry. To date, through Coaltech bursaries, over 130 students achieved post graduate degrees, many of which elected to make their career in the industry.

Henk Lodewijks
Chief Executive Officer
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Henk Lodewijks